gilbert mayor
Everyone is anticipating the Mayor’s election of Gilbert Town Council that is to be held in August. By the end of the by-election, we expect six new town council members. Currently, Jenn Daniels is holding the position of Gilbert Mayor, Arizona. This is his second term meaning he is not allowed to contest for another term as a mayor. There are five contestants expected to vie for the Mayor’s seat, and amongst them is Brigitte Peterson, the council lady.

The ballot entails three council seats, which include: Scott Anderson’s position and Scott are planning to vie for another term, Jared Taylor’s place, and eventually the vacant seat which was initially held by Eddie Cook the current Maricopa County assessor. Except for Eddie’s position, the rest serve for four years for every term.

There is a special council that is tasked with the responsibility to appoint someone to take the position of Eddie Cook on March 17.

gilbert councilOne of the reasons people votes is to elect new leaders who will perform and reshape the council. This is a significant reason why there is going to be an election to elect new leaders at the town council of Gilbert town. Everyone expects of competent, committed, and leaders with integrity. As a result, we are all looking forward to the resignation of Councilman Jordan Ray and Peterson in early April. The state law is against Peterson vying for the Mayor’s seat and Jordan Jay competing for the position of justice of the peace.

In case the demand of resignation by the state law is successful, it is only Councilwoman Aimee Yentas, who will retain her position in the town council of Gilbert. Those vying have enough time up to April 6 to submit their nomination papers. However, for one to qualify to the ballot, the nomination paper should entail valid signatures ranging between one thousand to two thousand two hundred and twenty-three.

The elections of the Mayor and three councils are set to take place from August 4. In case none of the candidates gets a majority of the votes in a specific competition, those with the highest number of votes will have to go to a runoff on November 3.