mayor election
After Daniel decided to stop contesting for the mayoral seat, several contestants have found the field a walkover with varied visions and plans on how Gilbert should look.

There are several contestants of the mayoral seat. Let us have a look at some of their proposals concerning the town of Gilbert.

Lynne King

We want to look at Lynne King Smith’s proposal on the growth and success of Gilbert town. Lynne King suggests that every decision and single-step each resident of Gilbert takes affects the growth and development of the economy.

Lynne King advises everyone to be part and parcel of the future of Gilbert. She urges everyone to begin from families, retired political officials, current leaders, and business people to work in unity for the growth of Gilbert town. She thanks everyone for the support she is getting and recommends everyone to give her a hand in coming up with new leadership in the town.

From her words, it is evident that Lynne is proud of Gilbert as her home. However, she adds that the residents of Gilbert need to choose experienced leaders who will embrace unity and act as an inspiration of hope to the people. Her agendas are mostly based on the development of the town. For instance, the rise of the economy of Gilbert to greater heights, improving security, and making sure every resident of Gilbert enjoys a quality life. Those are some of her priorities in case she is voted in as a mayor.

Gary Livacari

gilbert mayorThis is another contestant of the mayoral seat in Gilbert town. He is aged thirty-four and a commercial banker who has spent his life in Gilbert for six years now. He deals mainly with the analysis of government budgets. Since 2015, he has been serving in Gilbert’s Industrial Development Authority.

Through an interview, he said the reason he decided to vie for the mayoral position is that he feels the town is lacking someone to hold the town accountable and ascertain that they serve according to the vision of the people in financial and development matters. He is looking forward to the over-densification and urbanization of the town.

He also added that he would make priorities more of ensuring there is no overspending and misuse of funds in the town. He has a campaign committee led by Jared Taylor, the outgoing councilman.

Matt Nielsen

Nelson is forty years old. Earlier on, he was residing at Omaha, Nebraska, before moving to Gilbert with his family because of the town’s welcoming environment. He states that he wants to follow the footsteps of Daniel to make Gilbert a beautiful place to spend your life in.
His number one agenda is fiscal responsibility and monitoring the taxpayer money. He also focuses on improving that rapport and level of communication with the people of Gilbert.

Brigette Peterson

gilbert mayorPeterson is a lady of impeccable antecedents aged fifty-five. He has spent twenty-five years of his life as a resident in Gilbert. She has offered her services on the council since 2015. For over fourteen years, she has been on the committee for planning, bond initiatives, and three general plan updates.

Peterson is very optimistic that she is the right choice for Gilbert’s mayoral seat. She believes that she will serve the people of Gilbert with her knowledge and level of experience in the correct way.

She plans to focus on security, growth of the economy, and better and vibrant health for the people of Gilbert. Her first plan is to execute the “Vaughn Ventilator,” which is meant to ease traffic in the Heritage.

Sandra Reynolds

Sandra Reynolds, aged 58, is another aspirant of the mayoral seat in Gilbert. She says that she is not a politician but values and minds her people a lot. She claims that residents are not involved in decision making and, therefore, are sidelined in matters concerning changes and Heritage’s plans.
She promises that if she is given a chance to serve as a mayor, she will add more time of communication at the council meetings and come up with a brand avenue for Gilbert’s people to air their grievances if they don’t manage to attend the meeting in person.

The Council Seat

The Council seat is a struggle among eleven residents. Out of the eleven, six are contesting for the four-year council seat, while five have set their minds into accomplishing the years left by Cook.